Timothy Chooi
As we are not able to perform live on stage, I have recorded a live stream concert in collaboration with WQXR Classical and the Juilliard School to present a short performance! Settle in for an hour of musical serenity with our live video stream featuring selections from some of classical...
As COVID-19 is spreading into a pandemic, many concerts and events have been rightfully cancelled. I am extremely surprised by how this world has been flipped upside down and it is particularly changing the world of the arts.  I am sad to share that all concerts in the second half of March and...
As a child, he dreamed of becoming a pilot. For hours, he would stand with his father on the lookout platform of the airport in his hometown of ­Victoria in Canada. “Watching planes come in to land just fascinated me,” Chooi, now 25, ­recalls. One day, he was given a violin, and...
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Saturday - April 18, 2020
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[POSTPONED] Recital with Sejoon Park

Philadelphia PA United States
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Fun interview to get to know Timothy Chooi!

Recorded by RTBF Belgium on May 20, 2019