Virtual concerts for COVID-19 patients in San Diego

San Diego Union Tribune

25 July 2020

It's easy to forget that there are people suffering from COVID-19. As an artist, it's hard to find specific ways to help those in need right now, but recently I've been joining Project: Music Heals Us to provide virtual one-on-one concerts to patients in hospitals in San Diego, California. We hope that this can even just lift their spirits for a day during a painful time.

Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego in Hillcrest and UC San Diego Health facilities are among a growing number of hospitals nationwide offering COVID-19 patients free, one-on-one private concerts played virtually via iPad by string musicians all over the country.

“All my life has involved goals toward musical performance since I was 3 years old ... For that to be stripped away hit hard,” Chooi said. “The nice thing about when Andrew reached out is that it gave me a different sense of purpose. It’s selfish to think about how it’s affecting me when there are people dying in this world and I didn’t know how to help them until now.”

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