Timothy Chooi
It's easy to forget that there are people suffering from COVID-19. As an artist, it's hard to find specific ways to help those in need right now, but recently I've been joining Project: Music Heals Us to provide virtual one-on-one concerts to patients in hospitals in San Diego, California. We hope...
I've just opened an account on Patreon. As COVID-19 is surely questioning the feasibilty of the sustainabilty of artists, we are having to resort to producing online content.  If you want to see exclusive content, you can join me HERE.    Your support is incredibly appreciated!...
"A month has gone by, and to be honest it feels like just one really long day that's been all mushed up together at this point," he told CBC Music. "I feel like I'm drinking the same cup of coffee over and over because this is like the same routine every day." Click HERE to access the full...
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Friday - September 11, 2020
8:00 PM

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with Hugh Wolff

Brussels Belgium
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Vocalise : Rachmaninoff

Timothy Chooi, violin