Timothy Chooi
March 18, 2020
A note of the impact of COVID-19

As COVID-19 is spreading into a pandemic, many concerts and events have been rightfully cancelled. I am extremely surprised by how this world has been flipped upside down and it is particularly changing the world of the arts. 

I am sad to share that all concerts in the second half of March and April have been cancelled. May continues to be on probation as we wait on the development of containment throughout the next week. Many concerts around the world are cancelled as we need to prioritize public health and the well being of the world's population. This goes without saying that a large percentage of my audiences in these concert halls happen to be in a demographic that COVID-19 targets. Our main focus now is to stay inside as much as possible so that we can contain this crisis.

This is a very difficult time for everybody including artists. I can only pray that this terrible virus goes by quickly so that our lives can restore back to normal. Let's use this time to reconnect with loved ones and remind ourselves how grateful we are to have the things we have. 

In the meantime, please follow my social media page for the most up to date information and also some music sharing. 

 I am so thankful for the incredible support and I cherish your optimism. 

Sincerely with love,

Timothy Chooi

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